What is Kenpo?

Kenpo is a modern system of self defence designed by Ed Parker to enable the individual to defend themselves against a variety of attacks.

The system combines linear motion found in many Japanese styles together with circular motion found in many Chinese styles as Ed Parker put in his book 'Zen of Kenpo' - when a circular move ends a linear move begins and when linear moves end a circular move begins again.

Ed Parker was continuously refining the system looking at ways to allow the practitioner to develop economy of motion that is using the most effective weapon (for example the foot, fist or elbow) to the most effective target.

In addition the art of tailoring is a key principle in Kenpo. We all have different physical abilities and attributes so the art needs to be tailored to the individual. What is important is that the principles are taught and understood so the individual can utilise Kenpo to the fullest.

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