Peter Woods began his martial arts training at Hull University in 1999. Peter studied Kempo Ju Jitsu with influences of American Kenpo. In 2001 as part of his university course Peter spent the year in Utrecht and trained with Hans Hesselmann. Upon his return to England Peter spent time training with the BKKU in London and Diane Wheeler in Tooting, London.

In September 2006 Peter moved to Leeds, Yorkshire and began training with Ingmar Johansson in Norrköping, Sweden. Since then Peter has seen Mr Johansson for private training sessions at least 3 times a year in addition to attending the annual Viking Camp and the instructor camp.

Peter obtained his black belt in May 2009 from Ingmar Johansson.  Also on the panel was Huk Planas and Graham Lelliot.

In addition Peter has also trained in various martial arts such as Judo, Thai Boxing and Balintawak.

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